Oslofjord – Escape the city and have the place to yourselves!

When Oslofjord Convention Center was established in 2004, it wasn’t easy to draw major business events out of the big cities. If one was to gather all employees, customers or suppliers, it had to be done in suburban areas. Still today, some companies are set on conducting events in the city or in close connection to airports. The employees have a short travel distance, save time and effort and maybe even money. Many also choose traditional day conferences or evening events in order to be cost effective. But maybe you lose something valuable by implementing arrangements in this way? Perhaps the stress factor is higher at these events?

Ole Georg Nilsen

We are experiencing a shift of focus. Companies are more keen on having a place all to themselves, and creating something unique and special for their employees. They are looking for space and time, to create the ultimate winning culture. In these cases, we see that “what the city has to offer” becomes a competitor to the event’s intention. Getting out of the city often has a big cost factor, however. The company must stay fragmented at various hotels, and a lot of time is spent on internal transport alone. Here is where the opportunities are opening up for Oslofjord and other convention and resort centers. We offer the perfect possibilities to have the place to yourselves, without any distraction. Everyone can live together at the same place, even in shared apartments, if desired. You will get the most out of an event like this! You get more time to build relationships, networks, even business, and not least take a break and relax. Spending time right is a critical success factor for all companies. Isn’t it important to spend some time just being together?

– Ole Georg Nilsen, Sales and Marketing Director




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