“The Norwegian “Eurovision Song Contest” at Oslofjord was an extremely positive experience! Oslofjord Convention Center worked very well for us both for the organization of the event and as a place to eat and spend the night. The MGP semi-final is a big event, with live TV coverage on Norway’s most popular TV
channel, demanding professional delivery and high precision in all aspects. BCC was equal to the task.”
Director Stageway, Producer of the Norwegian “Eurovision Song Contest” (event for audience of 2800)

“Both our members and our technical team agree about how easy it was to be there. Even though we were not a large group, the main hall made an excellent lecture theatre. The overnight facilities were good, the food was exactly what we wanted, and everything was easily accessible.”
General Secretary, Norwegian Opticians’ Society (Conference for 280 participants)

“Our event at Oslofjord was excellent from start to finish. The staff had a professional approach and many good ideas for improving the quality of the event. The meeting rooms were marvelous, the food exquisite and we are unanimous that it has been a very positive experience. We very much hope that it will be possible to arrange a future event here.”
Komplett (Annual Conference, 350 participants)

“Oslofjord and the venue worked perfectly and your crew was absolutely unbelievable. Simply put, I award you 11 marks out of 10 for our stay!”
Superkiwiaden 2008 (Event with 4500 guests)”