Memorable experiences are created within communities – this is what we call the Oslofjord effect


Humans are social, and by spending time together in the right surroundings, a positive sense of community arises that can be completely unique. This feeling can create an enormous positive energy when this is done on a large scale together with thousands of colleagues or people with a common interest. It can create a unity […]

Case study – Large Scale Catering – Large Scale Success

Large banquet for 5000 people at Oslofjord Arena

Ever since the establishment of the Oslofjord Convention Center as a commercial player, we have hosted both large and small events, within all categories. Although we also have facilities for smaller groups, Oslofjord is probably best known for the larger events with thousands of participants. It is during these events that we really get the […]

Norway’s largest hotel is finished!

Today, after five years of construction, we have officially received the last hotel buildings, the outdoor facility and the last part of the underground parking basement from our client, Oslofjord Property. This is an important milestone towards the final completion of our fantastic destination. With this handover, we now have a complete hotel offer with […]

Strengthens the board at Oslofjord with industry expertise and commercial experience


On Tuesday 15 December 2020, the general meeting of the Oslofjord Convention Center elected Jon Eldon as the new board member, and strengthens the board’s industry expertise Eldon has experience in strategic management as well as operational management of hotels and restaurants and is currently responsible for the operation of Compass Group’s 200 restaurants. He […]

The development at Oslofjord is nearing completion

Oslofjord is a gathering place for large events. A place for fellowship, friendship and excitement. Throughout the years, we have been the host of many events, large and small alike. Since 2013, we have built 1,600 new hotel rooms, Oslofjord Arena and Oslofjord Hotel. We are now in the final stages of construction, which will […]