A shared passion for acrobatic and artistic gymnastics

GFL 2016 - turn

It was the weekend of June 10-12, and the temperature and the atmosphere were sizzling as Oslofjord hosted the Gym for Life Challenge 2016! With a common passion for acrobatic and artistic gymnastics, enthusiastic participants and spectators took the trip to Oslofjord. Next year, Oslofjord will also be proud to host the World Gym for Life Challenge 2017. We are looking forward to the event, and gear up with a video from this year’s event!

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Oslofjord – Escape the city and have the place to yourselves!

When Oslofjord Convention Center was established in 2004, it wasn’t easy to draw major business events out of the big cities. If one was to gather all employees, customers or suppliers, it had to be done in suburban areas. Still today, some companies are set on conducting events in the city or in close connection to airports. The employees have a short travel distance, save time and effort and maybe even money. Many also choose traditional day conferences or evening events in order to be cost effective. But maybe you lose something valuable by implementing arrangements in this way? Perhaps the stress factor is higher at these events?

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Cycling Fest at Oslofjord!

The Oslofjord Grand Opening, the 2016 opening of national road cycling in Norway, took place on April 1-3. The bike races were a huge success, and the fact that the races started and finished in the auditorium and that the audience could sit and follow the races on the big screen made it extra special! The organizers and participants were super satisfied with the event! We have compiled some of the best moments from the cycling fest in this post.

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Leaping cheerleaders at Norway Championship!

On the weekend of March 11-13, everything was ready once again for the Norway’s annual cheerleading championship at Oslofjord! The 2800 participants had been looking forward to this years event for a long time, and you could feel the anticipation in the air! With glitter, ribbons and fan posters, the crowd in the packed auditorium were at least as enthusiastic as the participants themselves. We have put together some of the great moments in this post!

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As a leader, what do you do to build corporate culture?


There are two factors that distinguish the time we are living in, precisely in terms of time. One thing is that we receive an enormous amount of information, the other is that we have very little time. Less time than ever before. For many of us, the day goes by in the blink of an eye. We have just managed to hop in our car after work before we rush to day-care, dinner, football practice, music lessons or other activities. We have better tools, better equipment, and smarter technology – so everything should go so much better. We should be so much more effective, and should have more time. But do we?

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