Rich on culture and history

Get a close up look at Vestfold’s exciting history of both the Vikings and whaling. Visit Kaupang, Norway’s oldest town, or take a trip along Vestfold’s beautiful coastline in the Viking ship Gaia.


Southern Actor
Go to see the whaling ship, Southern Actor, in Sandefjord. The ship is currently used as a museum piece, and you can experience first hand what it was like to participate in a whale hunt.


Take a trip to see Norway’s oldest town. The town does not exist as such today, but is an exhibition center and information enterprise offering you a glimpse of how people lived around the year 800 AD. You can learn how they cooked and worked, what kind of clothes they wore, and how they passed their time.


At Mølen in Larvik you can watch the mighty forces of nature at work as the ocean rolls in over the beach. There are 230 burial mounds in this area where chieftains and servants from the time of the Vikings were buried under heaps of stones.


Viking ship Gaia
The Viking ship Gaia is an exact copy of the Viking Ship from Gokstadhaugen in Sandefjord. Why not embark on a genuine Viking cruise?


Midgard historical center
Midgard is Vestfold’s “portal” to the times of the Vikings. Through this portal you can learn almost everything that is worth knowing about from that time period, both regarding the Viking way of life and their mythology.


Slottsfjellet is a little hill in Tønsberg where you can explore the ruins of a church as well as the Tunsberghus fortress, dating back to the Middle Ages.


In Sandefjord, at Gokstadhaugen, the young king Olav Geirstadalv was discovered to have been buried in the ship Gokstad, found and unearthed in 1880. The king is still buried in Gokstadhaugen, but the ship itself was moved to the Viking Ship Museum in Bygdøy


Vestfold fylkesmuseum
Many relics from the Viking time and the Middle Ages are on display in the County Museum.