Oslofjord Convention Center welcomes experienced Arild Sjødin as the new Deputy CEO

With the appointment of Arild Sjødin as the new Deputy CEO, Oslofjord Convention Center has added an international heavyweight to the team. He has many years of management experience from the Norwegian and international hotel and conference industry under his belt He has in addition worked withing several areas absolutely central to the journey the Oslofjord Convention Center is now on. He is now ready to take Oslofjord Convention Center out into the world.

– Oslofjord Convention Center is an exciting concept and a unique destination, which is on its way into a new phase to conquer both Norway and the world. It iis exciting because there are not many people who know Oslofjord Convention Center outside of Norway, which motivates and encourages me Now I want to take Oslofjord Convention Center to the market as there is nothing alike in Northern Europe, says Sjødin.

Now that the world has finally reopened and we can gather unlimitedly with people in the same place for a long time, we at Oslofjord Convention Center are more ready than ever to help create magical moments.

– My main goal is to help more people have the pleasure of experiencing Oslofjord Convention Center. I want more companies, organizations and associations to succeed with their events and for them to experience the atmosphere that is created here, says Sjødin.

Experiences on a large scale

Arild Sjødin has extensive experience in events and conferences and has been involved in developing major concepts abroad. Among other things, he has been responsible for quality assurance, mainly catering and F&B associated with Abu Dhabi’s first Formula 1 race. He also has management experience from what was previously the Rica chain in Norway and the Kempinski chain in Germany and the United Arab Emirates, where he led the Emirates Palace Hotel in two different positions. In addition, he has been involved in the start-up and positioning of an independent hotel in Latvia.

– Arild’s international experience and expertise in hospitality and business development makes him the perfect choice as the new Deputy CEO. We are very pleased to welcome a heavyweight from the industry to us. Oslofjord Convention Center is in the middle of an exciting development phase and Arild will be absolutely central in the journey towards the ‘new’ Oslofjord Convention Center, says CEO of Oslofjord Convention Center, Stian Fuglset.

The experiences come in handy when Sjødin now will be further developing Oslofjord Convention Center to becoming Northern Europe’s preferred conference village.

Our ambition is that in five years, Oslofjord Convention Center will be the preferred alternative for large and small events for organizers who appreciate high quality and seamless deliveries. We achieve this as a team and by rowing in the same direction, says Sjødin.

Arild Sjøding has been the Deputy CEO since April 19th.