Welcome to Europe’s best and largest convention village!

You’ll find everything in one place at Oslofjord, with social meeting places inside and outside the buildings. We always strive to create unforgettable experiences for our customers. With extensive experience of event planning and as an arena supplier, we are here to help you create the event of the century, whether you are a small group or 12 000 people.

Facts about Oslofjord

  • Conference and event facilities for up to 12 000 people and multiple meeting rooms 
  • Large areas that can be tailored to individual events with pertaining kitchen facilities in several places.
  • Apartments in different designs, from summer cottage and Nordic-inspired apartments to classy hotel rooms.
  • Two restaurants and three bars with the possibility of up to 25 different restaurants both inside and outside the buildings.
  • At least 95% of the energy produced at Oslofjord is renewable energy (wood chips and bio-oil).
  • Designed by the renowned architect Niels Torp.
  • ICCA member since 2007.
  • A brand new conference center will open in 2022.
  • Co-working facilities.
  • Skybar.