Oslofjord is fully-licensed, and serves a wide variety of food and drink. We offer menus from almost every cuisine in the world, but particularly enjoy using local ingredients from Vestfold.

In collaboration with our chef, we help you to devise special menus for your event. Whether you want a nutritious and healthy menu suitable for athletes or an all-night banquet of many courses. A rich selection of wine and drinks is available for all events. Several of our areas are especially suitable for serving fast food, street food, slow food or hosting a food court. You will find up to 25 different restaurants, café, bars and points of sale.

Oasen Food Court

Oasen Food Court is our largest and most versatile serving area, where conferences can also be held. We can arrange various forms of food delivery, establish a café or canteen, or even set up a banquet if desired. We can serve up to 2 000 people at the same time in this area, and let guests ordering food and drinks via our own app.

Davids Grilleri

A popular restaurant at events, where we serve all kinds of food and drink. The restaurant has 100 seats, and is also frequently used for breakfast, lunch and as a VIP area.


On lovely summer days, the marina and beach area are fantastic for both activities and refreshments. How about a barbeque or evening shellfish buffet in the sunshine, refreshing bars and wonderful, relaxing music?

We can organize sitting or standing buffets, where we open our stalls, points of sale and kiosks to create a real festival atmosphere. In the area behind the beach restaurant, we can lay wooden flooring suitable for up to 2 500 people.

The Oslofjord Hotel Restaurant

This restaurant has 156 seats in different sections. Here we serve everything from a breakfast buffet to à la carte lunch and dinner, in bright, pleasant surroundings. Menus and serving methods can of course be adapted to your event.


Our brand new SkyBar is located on the 8th floor of the Oslofjord Hotel. This is the place to enjoy the panoramic view towards Slottsfjellet in Tønsberg to the north, and out to the Vestfjord in the south. The bar is naturally our most exclusive restaurant, with a rich selection of wines and other drinks, where we also serve everything from snacks to dinner. SkyBar can also be converted into an exclusive conference room with a large screen and projector.

The bar’s mezzanine floor is equipped with a luxurious meeting table in brass-clad larvikite, and comfortable leather chairs for meetings of up to 12 people. The bar can also be set up for conferences and meetings during the day.