From a sports arena to a banquet for 7,000 people

The perfect place for companies, events and associations where everyone can gather – whether there are 50 or 9,000 of you.

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“I was sure that the event would go well and that we would be happy to meet. What I wasn’t prepared for was the power of the community experience at the Oslofjord Convention Center – it was enormous!”

Steinar Sønsteby - CEO Atea

Steinar Sønsteby
CEO, Atea

Humans are social, and by spending time together in the right surroundings, a positive sense of community arises that can be completely unique. That is why we have designed a conference village with everything gathered in one place. We host many large and diverse events; kick-off, sports, conferences and festivals.

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Why should you choose a conference village for your next event?

Everything in one place – A “One-stop-shop”

In a conference village like Oslofjord Convention Center you will find everything in one place; accommodation, facilities, fantastic food and drink experiences, technical rig and recreational opportunities. In other words, everything you need from A to Z.

XXL Capacity

Extra large capacity to be able to host extra large events means that companies, sports and cultural life have a good place with us.

Festival og konsert på Oslofjord

Maximize time together

All transport takes place before and after the event. Time is so valuable and at Oslofjord Convention Center you can spend all your time together instead of spending time commuting back and forth between hotels, activities, events or entertainment. More time together creates stronger bonding and sense of community.It is as easy as that!

Integrated infrastructure for 24-hour experiences

With an integrated infrastructure, we can create seamless 24-hour experiences to maximize the benefits of their particular event. We have everything you need so that you only have one contract partner to deal with.

Sheltered, without walking distance to other offers

This way you can avoid distractions and energy leaks in connection with your event. Tailor the village to your needs and create unforgettable experiences in the community that arise when you are gathered over time.

Safe environment for guests

Because we are located with forest and sea as the nearest neighbors, we can offer a safe arena and a safe environment around their event. We have a security team located in the vicinity which will put your mind at ease. There are access control options, and you can get the key to the village and make it your own!

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