This solution provides:

  • A 360-degree digital studio
  • Multiple interactive solutions
  • Dedicated app
  • 120 m² LED screen
  • Studio for live music recording
  • Recording studio with screens for graphics

Oslofjord Hybrid Event allows you to conduct interactive events online with thousands of participants. Whether it be for a conference, seminar, or any other event where guests can meet virtually.

You will enjoy access to our 360-degree TV studio with a 120 m2 LED screen as well as all the technical equipment and expertise to make this possible. You will also have the opportunity to broadcast simultaneously from several locations at Oslofjord.

Participants join the event via an app where they can follow the broadcast live. The app allows viewers to participate by submitting questions, sharing photos and videos, and taking part in votes. There are also two-way communication solutions, linking those present in the studio with virtual attendees – allowing you to easily invite speakers, or others, from around the globe to participate.

Oslofjord Convention Center offers a total of 860,000 m2 of available space and more than 9,000 hotel beds. This allows us to combine physical and virtual participation between people at different locations, ensuring that your event complies with the Norwegian government’s COVID-19 regulations without compromising the quality of your event.

The solution enables greater participation than at purely on-location events due to everyone being able to join from their own home. We have previously conducted an Oslofjord Hybrid Event with over 12,000 participants. Naturally, our solution is scalable based on your needs and requirements.

If you would like to learn more about the concept, reach out to us here.

Live from ICCA conference in our hybrid event studio
Hybrid Event studio setup