15 000 m² indoor area with a large outdoor area

Banquet facilities for 6 000 people

Ice hockey arena and outdoor artifical grass pitches

Our brand new multi-purpose hall, with an ice rink next door, has been built for a wide range of sports. They can easily be converted to host banquets, shows, fairs, as well as large and small events. Removable partitions ensure the necessary intimacy and enable parallel events and activities. The solid roof construction can withstand even the most comprehensive rigs.

Sport and joy


Oslofjord Arena is what we call a flexible multi-purpose hall, which offers endless possibilities. This large hall, with its 8 400 m² floorage, is used for handball, football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, floorball, and climbing. There is a 300-meter running track (spikes standard) for athletes and exercisers. The flexible grandstand solutions mean training and competitions can be watched by up to several thousand spectators.

The hall can easily be turned into an arena for small and large corporate events. It has hosted banquet dinners and shows for more than 5 000 people. At the end of the hall, there is a 15-meter-high climbing wall with its own bouldering zone. The ceiling height in the hall is from 14-20 meters.

Area: 10 000 m² (8 400 m² floorage)

Speed and Excitement

Ice Hockey Arena

Next door to the multihall, is our state-of-the-art ice rink for hockey, figure skating and ice-skating fun. The ice rink has grandstand capacity for 2 300 spectators, and is technically approved for official 1st division matches, U20 men and elite series for women.

When the ice is removed, this hall can also be used for a wide range of activities and events, and our technical rig provides all the necessary infrastructure for optimal experiences.

Areal: 2 500 m²

Soccer match or an outdoor concert?

Soccer fields

Outside the hall, we have built two new artificial grass pitches, both of which meet the UEFA standards for mandatory pitch size. Here you can play matches or exercise on both pitches in parallel, and movable grandstands ensure great spectator experiences.

The pitch area is also ideal for rigging concerts or other large outdoor events, and we are on hand to organize small or large tent solutions if you so need.

Areal: 6 400 m² (per soccer pitch)

Other facilities connected to the arena

Underground parking facility

There is a large two-storey parking facility with 900 parking spaces under Oslofjord Arena, with direct lift or stair access to the facility. There are dedicated spaces for electric cars and HC parking.

The air conditioning system is dimensioned so that the area can be used for various activities during large events.

Communal area of over 2 000 m² 

There is a modern service building with seating areas, mingling areas and kitchen facilities situated between the halls, which can be used as a point of sale.


The spacious communal areas are spread over several levels and can easily be converted into exclusive VIP areas, or lounges, during your event. There is also a café right next to the reception area when you enter the arena.

Activity park and skatepark

Just outside the main entrance, you will find our popular climbing park, and a great skatepark for skateboarders of all levels.


The climbing park comprises several interconnected climbing apparatuses and trampolines of various kinds – all built on a soft rubber surface, in case of falls. Several exercise machines have also been integrated into the park.

15-meter-high climbing wall

At the end of the multi-purpose hall, you will find a 15-meter-high climbing wall with a bouldering zone.


Everyone can put their climbing skills to the test here.

12 locker rooms

There are four large locker rooms attatched to the multihall. The hockey arena has four locker rooms, in addition to four referee locker rooms, two of which are suitable for HC.

Area: 670 m².

Available equipment

We have equipment for a number of activities. Everything from handball, tennis, basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, floorball, or ice hockey.
Contact us for more information about the equipment.

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