Private beach promenade and swimming area

Outdoor amphitheater overlooking the fjord

Outdoor areas with great rig opportunities

Oslofjord is like a village enhanced by several large and small outdoor areas. We offer areas for parties, coastline and beach, large lawns and soccer pitches – all in the immediate vicinity of the arenas and accommodation. Take advantage of the opportunities the areas provide! Everything from social gatherings and recreation to dining, activities and concerts. At Oslofjord, our expert personnel handle sound, lighting, and other rigging for your event. We are on hand to assist with coming up with ideas and operational implementation – no matter what kind of concept you are looking for.

The beach area

We have a beach area covering a total of 11 000 m², which means that the possibilities are almost endless. Everything from volleyball tournaments, yoga sessions and water activities, to concert and festival arenas, beach parties and award ceremonies under starry skies or inside a circus tent! Good access for heavy transport means there is no reason not to host your event at the beach area. We have our own private piers, so you could just as easily arrive by boat. The small red maritime buildings can be used as points of sale for food and drink.

Lawn: 5 600 m²
Headland: 3 600 m²
Beach: 1 500 m²

Amphitheater / Front Yard

The front yard is situated in front of the main entrance to the conference center, with a view of the Vestfjord and an overview of the grounds. This is a great place to gather participants and guests before an event. There is an amphitheater that seats up to 600 people, which is very well suited for lectures, concerts, and kick-offs. The front yard is also a great place for barbeques and pick-up points for food on the go.

Amfitheater: 1 300 m²
Front Yard: 2 250 m²

Outside Oslofjord Arena

Just outside Oslofjord Arena, there are two artificial turf pitches covering a total of 12,800 m², divided into two soccer pitches, which are available for different purposes. Both soccer pitches meet the UEFA standards for mandatory size. This outdoor area is excellent for tournaments of all kinds, with flexible grandstands, but why not use the arena for a giant Octoberfest? In addition to the soccer pitches, there is an activity park and skatepark nearby suitable for all ages.

Area: 12 800 m²

Festival square

Imagine an avenue that goes all the way from Oslofjord’s entrance down to the beach and the fjord, lined by nature. With the hotel buildings located on the right side, and the conference center on the left, this represents a unique outdoor meeting place. Perfect for getting your event off to a flying start!

Area: 5 500 m²

This area will be finished during summer 2021

Other outdoor possibilities


Golf course nearby

One of Norway’s oldest and most beautiful 18-hole golf courses is situated right beside Oslofjord. Having been a forest course for many years, it became one of Norway’s most beautiful park courses in 2017 and has a particularly high standard. In addition, you will find a large and well-equipped training area with a driving range, bunkers and greens.

Bathing and coastal path

The seafront at Oslofjord is fantastic for activities and experiences. The area is well suited for outdoor activities, as well as concerts and cultural events. Go for an early morning swim or experience the sunset accompanied by a delicious evening shellfish buffet on our pier. For those who want to get their heart rate up, the volleyball courts or the small football pitch are highly recommended. There is also a large playground with a climbing frame for children.

Store gressareal mellom leilighetsbyggene

The magic between the buildings

A little tip from us – The outdoor areas between the 16 hotel buildings represent fantastic opportunities to make your event concept even more complete. Whether the concept is Winter Wonderland with snow, luminous reindeers and campfires or a newly merged company that wants to create a new identity and flag their colors at the top of the different buildings and lampposts with RGB lights.


RIB boats and water-based activities

If you love speed and excitement, a RIB boat trip out on the open water should live up to your expectations. The archipelago just outside Oslofjord has a lot to offer on a warm summer’s day. A trip on a sailboat is also to be recommended.