Our company, Oslofjord Convention Center AS, (org. No. 989 945 467), Oslofjordveien 9, N-3159 Melsomvik, tel. (+47) 33 00 20 00, email reception@oslofjord.com, is responsible for processing personal information in our systems for the purpose of booking, invoicing and hotel and conference management. We are responsible for our marketing and sending emails to our customers and contacts.

We process your personal information in accordance with the current Norwegian Personal Data Act, including GDPR.

Why we collect personal data

We collect personal data for a variety of purposes and do not use personal information for purposes other than those specified.

Processing of personal information for bookings and stays
We process the personal information we need to fulfil the booking agreement and for the purchase of services in connection with bookings made either by yourself or by others on your behalf. This information we have received directly from you or from a travel agency or other third party where you have directly or indirectly booked any of Oslofjord’s services or products. We process this information for as long as necessary to fulfil the booking agreement with you and for as long as applicable laws or regulation prescribe.

Processing of personal data for marketing purposes
All guests staying with us will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on our services such as room quality, housekeeping in general, dining experiences and the overall impression of the stay. We do this to improve and further develop our products and services.
If you sign up for our newsletter we will save your email address with the purpose of sending you news and offers within the rules guiding the existing customer relationships pursuant to the Norwegian Marketing Control Act. You can withdraw your consent at any time and opt out of marketing based on the existing customer relationship. You can do this by sending an email to gdpr@oslofjord.com.


A web cookie is a small unit of data in the form of text or binary data stored locally on your PC, tablet or mobile. If you do not want our websites to place cookies on your device, you can deactivate cookies in your browser.
We currently use the following cookies:

  • Cookies from Google Analytics to improve our webpages for the best possible user experience.

Oslofjord App

Oslofjord App 

Oslofjord has a mobile app for iOS and Android. In the app you will find information about your reservation(s), tickets and ordersYou can use the app to register for activities, order foodopen the door to your room(s) and as a channel for information and communication with Oslofjord. 

Personal data used in the app is data retrieved from reservationordering and ticketing systems used by Oslofjord or data you have choosen to share with Oslofjord. 

Our app will request consent for the following: 

  • Permission to access location data in order to make it easier for you to find things at Oslofjord 
  • Permission to send push notifications in order to communicate relevent offers and/or information

Your consent for the permissions requested by our app is optional. If you choose not to consentthis will affect the functionality of the app. 

Oslofjord may use third party partners in connection with order and ticket handeling. If you choose to use one or more of these services, you also agree that we may share your data with our third party partners. Your data will only be used for the purpose of handeling orders and/or tickets. 

The kind of personal information we collect

Examples of information we process about your identity include your contact information, your payment information, and in some cases your passport number. In addition, we process other information you may have submitted and which is relevant for your stay with us. This may be information about allergies or about special requests for your stay.

Disclosure of personal information

We only grant access to your personal information to employees or persons employed by Oslofjord Convention Centers who by nature of their work-related tasks are required to access your personal information. All employees and contractors at Oslofjord Convention Centers who have a need to access your personal information are required to do so confidentially and must not disclose your personal information to unauthorised persons.
Oslofjord Convention Center will not disclose or store information outside the EEA.

Length of time information is stored

We store your personal information for as long as it takes to process the information and as long as statutory requirements and regulations require us to do so.

Your rights

All collection of personal data is conducted on the basis of your consent. If you withdraw your consent, the information you have provided will be deleted, provided the processing of your personal data is not required by law and regulation.
You have the right to access and to demand correction or deletion of the personal information about you that we are processing. You are entitled to demand limits in data processing, to object to data treatment, and you have the right to data portability. Contact us at gdpr@oslofjord.comif you have questions about these issues.


Oslo Convention Center has adopted procedures and technical security measures that ensure the safety of your personal information. Personal data must not be lost and we are obliged to notify the Norwegian Data Protection Authority and those who may be affected by security breaches no later than 72 hours after a breach.

Complains must be directed to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority

If you believe that Oslofjord Convention Center processes your personal information in a manner that is in violation of regulation, you may appeal to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.
The Norwegian Data Protection Authority can be contacted at:
Phone: +47 22 39 69 00
Email: postkasse@datatilsynet.no
Or by regular mail/post to: Mailbox 8177 Dep., N-0034 Oslo
The Norwegian Data Protection Agency website is: www.datatilsynet.no

If you believe we have violated the rules, please also contact us directly so that we have the opportunity to amend the issue as soon as possible.

Our contact information

If you have questions about how we process your information, please contact us at:
Phone: +47 33 00 20 00
Email: gdpr@oslofjord.com
Or by regular mail to: Oslofjord Convention Center, Oslofjordveien 9, N-3159 Melsomvik
The Oslofjord Convention Center website ishttps://oslofjord.com/.