The development at Oslofjord is nearing completion

Oslofjord is a gathering place for large events. A place for fellowship, friendship and excitement. Throughout the years, we have been the host of many events, large and small alike. Since 2013, we have built 1,600 new hotel rooms, Oslofjord Arena and Oslofjord Hotel. We are now in the final stages of construction, which will complement our unique product and be “the finishing touch” to a state-of-the-art conference facility for both large and small meetings.

We believe in the future and continue development despite the pandemic

The pandemic hit the industry hard, but we are continuing the development towards completion of the facilities. Early in 2022, everything will be ready – both inside and out. The conference building contains a brand-new multifunctional hall of 1,200 m2, 11 new meeting rooms, a new production kitchen, mingling areas and flexible working spaces. This will enable us to conduct parallel events, but also offer flexible meeting rooms for breakout sessions, which have been in demand from the market.

Utbygging på Oslofjord
Nytt konferansesenter

Flexible meeting room solutions

The new hall can accommodate a total of 1,500 people, but the flexibility also creates better opportunities for groups of all sizes. With the new addition, Oslofjord will be just as suitable for groups of 50 to 500 people, as 1,500 to 15,000 people, but we are also improving and expanding our production facilities, meeting room facilities and making better use of the beautiful outdoor areas. Architect Niels Torp is responsible for the design of the latest extension, the same architect who designed the entire Oslofjord Convention Center.

Conference center and the festival square = the heart of our Convention Village

The conference center, both new and existing, is in the very heart of the area. Right outside the doors you will find the festival square, the promenade through the area and direct access to the apartment hotels. The festival square is ideal for everything from concerts to outdoor food serving, and the latest extension utilizes this place even better and facilitates great outdoor experiences. From the promenade you can see all the way down to the cottage village, the fjord and our own beach area. Upon completion of the construction project, the entire Oslofjord will become a living convention village with a vibrant environment between all the buildings.

Promenaden og festplassen

We contribute to a better climate and environment!

In the period 2001 – 2005, we carried out an important construction phase, but also a major environmental audit. We developed a water-borne distribution network, combined with a boiler plant with heating sources based on renewable energy. Since then, the environmental commitment has become even more important and in 2018, the new energy center was officially opened, a facility that ensures as much as 95% renewable energy for the entire Oslofjord. The existing plant is now connected to the new one so that the systems work together. This investment has made it possible for Oslofjord to double its energy production and at the same time halve greenhouse gas emissions.

We have also contributed to better and more environmentally friendly infrastructure in the local area. Five kilometers of new water and sewerage were replaced, and NOK 25 million was invested in the municipal pipe network, which ensured an increase in capacity that could meet the municipality’s needs for many years to come.

A good neighbor

The environment has been an important investment, but also our social responsibility as a major player in the county. As a direct result of the development, several million NOK has also been invested in the construction and clearing of the coastal path, which has now been marked and opened to the public. The result was a more open cultural landscape with a view of the sea, access and paths adapted for the disabled and a new open space on Rossnesodden. Furthermore, we have contributed to improved road standards with pedestrian and bicycle paths. We have also entered into an agreement with Sandefjord municipality which ensures that the Oslofjord Arena is accessible to local sports teams and clubs, and several of these are already regular users.

A Convention Village created for a boost in fellowship!

Oslofjord is a unique product that is about to put its footprint on the world map. It is a convention village; a place of togetherness and excitement with endless possibilities. Here you can simply buy the key to the city and make it your own. This is also a place where nature and sustainability are built into the entire business so that nature does not suffer. A great place to be as a guest, and a playground for anyone planning events.

Although development is still taking place at Oslofjord, we remain fully operational and we look forward to hosting large events again. You are all most welcome here – because we will meet again!

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