As a leader, what do you do to build corporate culture?


There are two factors that distinguish the time we are living in, precisely in terms of time. One thing is that we receive an enormous amount of information, the other is that we have very little time. Less time than ever before. For many of us, the day goes by in the blink of an eye. We have just managed to hop in our car after work before we rush to day-care, dinner, football practice, music lessons or other activities. We have better tools, better equipment, and smarter technology – so everything should go so much better. We should be so much more effective, and should have more time. But do we?

What happened to spending time with each other? What happened to small talk at the bus stop, outside the store or on the train? Where have all the meeting places gone? Where are the thoughts of a stronger corporate culture? In your company, is there a greater distance between the manager and the employee now than before? Have emails and instant messages replaced the boss actually having to go take a face-to-face chat with an employee?

Where are the thoughts of a stronger corporate culture? Is there a greater distance between the manager and the employee now than before?

The need for meeting places has never been greater. The need to look each other in the eye and understand one another. The need to build a strong corporate culture, where everyone pulls in the same direction. The need to take care of the employees, build confidence and not least loyalty – and get loyalty in return. And most of all, make time for each other.

The E in HSE (Health, safety and environment) is easily forgotten in business culture nowadays. The employees have a need to be seen, a need to be taken care of. Those who succeed in meeting this need create meeting places for the employees and create a corporate culture, separating the best businesses from the second best. They successfully create motivated, happy co-workers who are loyal to their company. Motivated employees are very cost effective and an investment for the future that will generate loyalty.

We at Oslofjord have the pleasure of hosting these winning companies, who are focussed on the meeting places of the future and a strong corporate culture, and we are delighted that they succeed. Maybe giving meeting places time and space is the best investment you as a manager can do for your employees?


– Ole Georg Nilsen, sales and marketing manager

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