The working day of the future looks hybrid – how dooes onecreate the necessary social glue between colleagues?

Professor: – Businesses can lose a lot on excessive use of home office   Increased use of home offices and digital remote solutions have come to stay, and a lot of space has been devoted to the ups and downs of the new work culture. Many companies are now undergoing a change on several levels. […]

Strengthens the board at Oslofjord with industry expertise and commercial experience


On Tuesday 15 December 2020, the general meeting of the Oslofjord Convention Center elected Jon Eldon as the new board member, and strengthens the board’s industry expertise Eldon has experience in strategic management as well as operational management of hotels and restaurants and is currently responsible for the operation of Compass Group’s 200 restaurants. He […]

Oslofjord hosts international digital congress

ICCA is the International Congress and Convention Association. An organization with more than 1100 member companies and organizations, in over 100 countries. The annual ICCA Congress is the number one meeting place for members, and has been held every year since 1963. Like the rest of the world, ICCA had to think outside the box […]

A shared passion for acrobatic and artistic gymnastics

GFL 2016 - turn

It was the weekend of June 10-12, and the temperature and the atmosphere were sizzling as Oslofjord hosted the Gym for Life Challenge 2016! With a common passion for acrobatic and artistic gymnastics, enthusiastic participants and spectators took the trip to Oslofjord. Next year, Oslofjord will also be proud to host the World Gym for […]

Leaping cheerleaders at Norway Championship!

On the weekend of March 11-13, everything was ready once again for the Norway’s annual cheerleading championship at Oslofjord! The 2800 participants had been looking forward to this years event for a long time, and you could feel the anticipation in the air! With glitter, ribbons and fan posters, the crowd in the packed auditorium were […]