Atea’s Event: One Place!

7000 people + kickoff + community = The Place To Be!

At Oslofjord Convention Center, we host an incredible number of large, medium and small events. This time we had the pleasure of welcoming all 7,000 employees of Atea. Atea gathered employees from the Nordics and the Baltics for a big kick-off around their unifying vision: “The Place To Be”.

This time we were looking for something very special – we only found that at Oslofjord. Atea has a tradition of doing great things with employees and for customers and partners. The need to meet became even greater after the pandemic. Through our event at Oslofjord, our unity was not only strengthened, we were also able to cultivate the culture and it gave us a platform to communicate our strategy on.

Steinar Sønsteby - CEO Atea

Steinar Sønsteby
CEO, Atea

Not just a big company party

In order to succeed with hosting such big events, there are a lot of small things that need to be planned. There is more to it than just gathering a lot of people in one place celebrating. It is more about creating a lasting atmosphere and a feeling of union. The variety and flexibility at Oslofjord help to expand the range of possibilities with activities, entertainment, competitions, shared meals and much more! When this flexibility is really utilized, it is possible to have many parallel activities and events, at the same time and in different places within the area.

Mennesker, fest, festival

On the big arrival day, the entire Oslofjord was transformed into a large festival village. While there were concerts with artists, volleyball, mini-golf and much more down on the beach, there was a DJ and food service on the festival grounds. Simultaneously, there were also various sports and activities on offer up at the Oslofjord Arena. The perfect opportunity for the people themselves to choose which activity they wanted to partake in. In addition, it is a unique opportunity for the employees to get to know each other across borders, build friendships and strengthen relationships for a better company culture.

Mennesker, fest, festival

On Saturday, before the big banquet dinner, the various conference facilities were used to hold meetings for the various countries that were represented. Each country had its own “hub” so that they could adapt with relevant content and language for their country. After the countries had been “separated”, they gathered again for a large banquet dinner with spectacular entertainment and good food. A great way to utilize the entire conference village for something more than just a company party.

The participants were left with wonderful memories and a great sence of unity:

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