Convention Village: A unique way to gather colleagues and friends – One of a kind in Norway

Konsert på forplassen

Have you heard of the term convention Village? Here is your guide to the concept, which is completely unique in the country.

With us you will find everything you need in one place. A small village where you can be together over time and combine professional and social activity.

The managing director of the Oslofjord Convention Center, Stian Fuglset, has no doubt: The Convention Village in the heart of Vestfold will give companies, organizations and sports teams from all over the country an experience they cannot find anywhere else in Norway.


Strengthens the sense of community

At most, the Oslofjord Convention Center can accommodate as many as 9,000 people at one time. Here, you will find two conference centers, an arena, its own sports hall, football pitches, a beach and large outdoor areas. The area is sheltered and since you have everything you need in one place, there is no to wonder elsewhere. This is how a small local community is created for a few days at a time, Fuglset believes.

Being together over time strengthens the sense of community. Especially after two years of limited social activity, especially with colleagues, there are probably many who feel that the culture and relationships in the workplace must be rebuilt.

Why should you choose a Convention Village for your next event?

Everything in one place – A “One-stop-shop”

In a Convention Village like Oslofjord Convention Center you will find everything in one place; accommodation, facilities, fantastic food and drink experiences, technical rig and recreational opportunities. In other words, everything you need from A to Z.

XXL Capacity

Extra large capacity to be able to host extra large events means that companies, sports and cultural life have a good place with us

Festival og konsert på Oslofjord

Maximize time together

All transport takes place before and after the event. Time is so valuable and at Oslofjord Convention Center you can spend all your time together instead of spending time commuting back and forth between hotels, activities, events or entertainment. More time together creates stronger bonding and sense of community.It is as easy as that! 

Integrated infrastructure for 24-hour experiences

With an integrated infrastructure, we can create seamless 24-hour experiences to maximize the benefits of their particular event. We have everything you need so that you only have one contract partner to deal with.

Sheltered, without walking distance to other offers

This way you can avoid distractions and energy leaks in connection with your event. Tailor the village to your needs and create unforgettable experiences in the community that arise when you are gathered over time.

Safe environment for guests

Because we are located with forest and sea as the nearest neighbors, we can offer a safe arena and a safe environment around their event. We have a security team located in the vicinity which will put your mind at ease. There are access control options, and you can get the key to the village and make it your own!

Maximizes time

The goal of a Convention Village such as the Oslofjord Convention Center is to maximize the time you spend together. A company or organization that initially aims to conduct only one job seminar can now, for example, supplement the program with everything from cultural events, concerts and football tournaments. In between professional seminars, you can take a climb in the sports hall or take a swim in the sea. And to round off the evening, you can gather everyone for dinner and party in one of our many centers.

It creates a kind of festival feeling. Here, people cultivate common passion and interests together. When you gather over time, it creates a safer atmosphere with more openness. There will be more good conversations and it will be easier to have important discussions, says Fuglset.

Makes high demands on the organizer

Oslofjord Convention Center is Norway’s only Convention Village. Not many of its kind can be found in Europe either. The concept places high demands on the organizer, Fuglset emphasizes.
The facilities are state of the art. Safety top priority. And the service must be of the best kind.
Here you should always feel welcome. All meals are of top quality and everyone who works here is looking forward to welcoming guests again after a long pandemic.

Stian Fuglset - CEO Oslofjord Convention Center


“When it comes to the Convention Village, people’s only priority should be to use the time as they wish – together. We will fix everything else.”
– Stian Fuglset, CEO of Oslofjord Convention Center.