Memorable experiences are created within communities – this is what we call the Oslofjord effect


Humans are social, and by spending time together in the right surroundings, a positive sense of community arises that can be completely unique. This feeling can create an enormous positive energy when this is done on a large scale together with thousands of colleagues or people with a common interest. It can create a unity […]

Convention Village: A unique way to gather colleagues and friends – One of a kind in Norway

Konsert på forplassen

Have you heard of the term convention Village? Here is your guide to the concept, which is completely unique in the country. With us you will find everything you need in one place. A small village where you can be together over time and combine professional and social activity. The managing director of the Oslofjord […]

Building a better working environment in an everyday work life which is the new normal!

Many of us look less at each other physically during a normal work day. Experts believe this raises the demand that the time we actually spend together is filled with quality. A close and good collegial community can help create a well-functioning company. That employees thrive at work is important not only for their own […]

10 years of Cheerleading at Oslofjord Convention Center!

– We are extremely satisfied with this unique event! After arranging the Norwegian Championship (NC) in Cheer with NAIF Cheerleading & Performance Cheer for the tenth time here at Oslofjord Convention Center, Richard Vogt, president of NAIF is very pleased and clear in his message: – There are no other arenas in Norway that can […]

Case study – Large Scale Catering – Large Scale Success

Large banquet for 5000 people at Oslofjord Arena

Ever since the establishment of the Oslofjord Convention Center as a commercial player, we have hosted both large and small events, within all categories. Although we also have facilities for smaller groups, Oslofjord is probably best known for the larger events with thousands of participants. It is during these events that we really get the […]