Oslofjord expansion – Project 2020

During this past half year, big changes have taken place on the construction site at Oslofjord. The construction of the new hotels began in earnest in the summer of 2015, and the progress has been enormous. From concrete piles they have risen up hotel buildings, and both the roof and facade installation are now fully under construction.

The construction site – summer 2015
Betongpelene for
Concrete piles for hotel V7.
Raising the walls on hotel V8.
The beginning of hotel V7.
Roof installation on hotel V8.
Hotellbyggene V8 og V7 tar form.
Hotels V8 and V7 take shape.
The roof of V7 enables you to walk from ground level up to the top of the building.
Facade installation on hotel V8.
Sealing V8.
Working on hotel V7.
View from the top suite of hotel V8.
The interior of one of the suites.
The parking garage runs under all the hotels buildings.
The construction site – December 2015.

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