Outdoor maintenance – beautiful surroundings are our top priority


Here at Oslofjord we prioritize an environment and surroundings that are beautiful and welcoming for all who use the area.

In such a large outdoor space, the upkeep is necessary in order for customers and employees to thrive. Green lawns, clipped hedges and clean roads are some examples of what the outdoor maintenance crew at Oslofjord take care of, and head of the apartment, Thorbjørn Vedvik, believes they have a very important job. “Without this crew, Oslofjord wouldn’t be the attraction it is for customers today. Just taking a walk from the apartment to the beach has become an attraction in itself. Our goal is that customers will talk about the surroundings and the area after an event, not just about the facilities in the center and the food that was served. I feel we have come close to our goal!”

Thorbjørn Vedvik

“For a long time, there has been an attitude that outdoor maintenance is something “anyone can do.” Everyone can mow and rake some grass, so the job hasn’t been taken so seriously as it should have. Gardening and landscaping is a profession, new to many.  Some of the outdoor maintenance jobs include the annual planting of 1630 summer flowers and an annual distribution of 130 m3 bark, and you have know about the subject in order to carry out these kinds of tasks.“ Thorbjørn believes the outdoor maintenance crew has more respect now that before. “We have managed to build a trademark and reached a level that has garnered respect. This is because we see the details that not everyone else sees.”

“We have managed to build a trademark and reached a level that has garnered respect. This is because we see the details that not everyone else sees.”


Outdoor maintenance preparations before events

There are many tasks that must be done, especially before an event. The outdoor maintenance crew greatly prioritizes the work before an event. “We follow a schedule of events and adapt the jobs accordingly. We take extra care of the areas where guests are accommodated, and especially the beach area. When there is an event, we really pull out all the stops and put all our attention on the event. We often put aside our regular everyday tasks to really focus on the details.”


Customers in focus

“Customer feedback plays a very important role for us. We have also received an incredible amount of positive feedback from customers as well as locals who use the area. The attractive surroundings have made it such that hikers and customers have a respect for the place. Many stop and look at the area, and talk about how they think it is incredibly beautiful – especially the beach area the marina.”


Good teamwork is a factor for success

“There are probably not many places where the employees get up at 7:00 to make things nice for the guests. The outdoor landscape crew focuses a lot on teamwork so that the employees get a sense of respect for the work that they themselves do.“


Thorbjørn believe they have found the factor for success. “The employees are motivated and they create something new everyday. Nothing is better that that! We have a passion for what we do, and we all have a sense of ownership for the place. I believe the factor for success is good teamwork, and motivation.”

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