Some people just have more passion!


Passion is a word we hear a lot about. Some people really like baking, others prefer ice hockey. But what does it actually mean to be passionate about something? Is it the same as “liking” something?

2015 Norway Championships in Cheerleading and Cheerdance

To have a passion is so much more than just “liking” something. Passion is a burning interest in something. There are a huge variety of events arranged at Oslofjord. Events with everything from horses, corps, football, choir and political work are hosted here. But what do they all have in common? They have a great interest in something – a passion!

2012 World Championships in Tidans

Being able to gather around the same goals, thoughts and interests creates a greater commitment to that which we are passionate about. It creates a unique community of likeminded individuals. Passion is cultivated. We do what we love together with others who share the same passion!

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