10 years of Cheerleading at Oslofjord Convention Center!

– We are extremely satisfied with this unique event! After arranging the Norwegian Championship (NC) in Cheer with NAIF Cheerleading & Performance Cheer for the tenth time here at Oslofjord Convention Center, Richard Vogt, president of NAIF is very pleased and clear in his message:

– There are no other arenas in Norway that can accommodate 2500 athletes, 1000 coaches / team leaders and 2000-4000 parents. Everyone gathers from even before the event starts until we have finished the NC weekend. This is our NC city and it’s amazing.

1. How does it feel to be back after a long pandemic?
– Fantastic! You feel the tears press when you come in here and see all the athletes. Then you feel the true joy of sports. The first thought is ‘Now it will really be an NC.’ It has been 2 years with “How do we get to do the activities?”, “Do we have the opportunity?”, “Do we not?”. There has been a lot of uncertainty, but now the opportunity is here again to be able to arrange something as fantastic as this here and it is completely epic! An absolutely amazing experience!

2. What have you and the participants been most looking forward to?
– It’s the totality of being here at Oslofjord Convention Center. It’s a completely unique setting for Cheer Norway where they finally get to show what they have practicedand trained on. There is something very special, when you gather all athletes in one place. We have all really been looking forward to it.

3. Is it correct that the participants call Oslofjord Convention Center CheerTown? Why do they do it?
– It’s the tenth time we arrange the NC here in Oslofjord Convention Center and we started by staying down in the village. Now that everything is finished, there are no other arenas in Norway that can house 2,500 athletes, 1,000 coaches / team leaders and 2,000-4,000 parents. There are no other places we can do this here. Everyone gathers from even before the event starts until we have finished the NC weekend. Everything is here. This is our NM city from the time we arrive until we leave and we love it!! It is absolutely unique.

4. What do you like best about Oslofjord Convention Center?
– One thing is location and the opportunity to gather absolutely everyone. The facilities, arena capacity, etc. It’s huge. It’s also the flexibility and hospitality that we experience. Nothing is impossible. You solve things. You really go the extra mile to get things done that we need. In addition, we realise that you start to know Cheer Norway quite well – 1hat makes the event better every year and every time we arrange it.

5. What is it that makes you come back?
– It’s not possible to get any other facilities that are better than this. And the collaboration we have had over so many years, it bears fruits. It’s a no-brainer for our participants. If they get to choose the location, then we MUST be here.

– It’s a no-brainer for our participants. If they get to choose the location, then we MUST be here.

6. There was a year when you were not here and the reactions were big. What do you think the reason for that was?
– Yes, we got the opportunity to try to be somewhere else for a year. But when you have been waiting for something that works with this unity, size and all, it was not an option anymore. You were not together anymore. One was scattered with people who lived in different hotels with several miles distance and one did not get that unity. The competition part is one thing, but you also have the social part with the gala after the competition, where you meet across clubs and teams and create friendships for life. When you do not have the opportunity to gather everyone in one place and where everyone is scattered, it was unequivocal. We had to return to Oslofjord Convention Center again. There was a clear message and we had to make it happen.

We have learned that friendships across borders are formed during the Cheer weekend – this is something truly unique and something we treasure and want to foster. Just another reason for us to come back to Oslofjord Convention Center.