Why do you need a Convention Village for your event?

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An important issue for anyone planning events, large or small, is what kind of venue suits their needs. It is important to consider, not only what is good enough, but wether the venue can elevate the experience for all participants. The choice of venue and location can be crucial for it’s success, but it will also have an impact on the experience for all participants. Is it important to be close to other offers such as shopping or nightclubs? Or is it more important to gather everything in one place?

There are pros and cons to both a central location, and a more secluded venue, but not everyone is aware of some of the major benefits of a one-stop-shop venue. Secluded location, without walking distance to other attractions, is actually an important criterion for a convention village.

What is a convention village?

A convention village is a place for fellowship. A place that not only accommodates many people, but also many offers. A convention village allows you as an organizer to lower your shoulders, because everything is gathered in one place. This makes both planning and implementation much easier. By offering events, accommodation, food and drink and activities all in one place, you can facilitate for focus and a sense of fellowship that would not otherwise be possible. This type of place eliminates the need for transport between different elements of the event, which helps to make the overall experience more holistic and creates a relaxed atmosphere for the participants.

Oslofjord Convention Center

In short, a convention village is a fully integrated hotel, resort and event destination. Here you can meet, eat, activate, sleep and repeat – all within walking distance. You can make the “village” your own, but the most special thing about such a place, is still the sense of fellowship that the participants experience. When people who have something in common, are gathered in the same place, and over several days, something magical happens – a joy and sense of community among the participants that can only arise within such a “bubble”.

Non-central location?

It may not sound so exotic and exciting, but let’s take a closer look at this. When the destination for the event is not so central, and does not have walking distance to other offers, there will be less leakage and spread of participants. It becomes completely natural for most people to stay close, this feels especially safe for those who are responsible for children and young people. Less leakage also allows the participants to rlex and enjoy their stay. They can easily grab a sweater in their room if it gets cold, take a rest before dinner or use the activities on site.

As an organizer, you can also reap many benefits from this. First of all, you get one single contract partner when planning, but most important is probably what happens to the participants. The absence of transport and leakage, creates an atmosphere characterized by unity and togetherness, but it can also increase the focus on the event’s main theme. You can create a holistic event by eliminating transportation or other disturbing factors.

The unique opportunities at Oslofjord

Oslofjord is such a convention village and we have extensive experience with many different types of events. At Oslofjord, the possibilities are endless and we go as far as we can to fulfill everyone’s wishes and needs. In addition to the fact that we have large areas, both outside and inside, everything is built in such a way that almost everything can be customized down to the last detail.

A good example is when we were to host the Arctic Equestrian Games at Oslofjord. We transformed the large plenary hall, arranged for horse boxes in the underground car park and the event was a recurring success. Solid membrane was welded to the entire floor surface, followed by a layer of asphalt slabs to protect the membrane. Then heavy, special mats intended for show jumping were laid, before the whole surface was topped with silicone-containing riding sand. The fixed seats in the amphitheater gave the audience both a good view and good seating.

The only limit is your imagination

Arctic Equestrian Games is just one of many examples of how our facilities can be customized to different needs. We have a large underground parking basement with more than 1500 parking spaces, how about a go cart race down there? Or how about combining a computer party with black light mini golf inside one of the large halls? The only limit is your imagination, but we are also happy to help you in the creative process if you do not have the most vivid imagination. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

If you are wondering if your employees are tired of home office, feel free to read this blog post. You can also download our template for event planning, this can help you a little along the way.

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