Strengthens the board at Oslofjord with industry expertise and commercial experience


On Tuesday 15 December 2020, the general meeting of the Oslofjord Convention Center elected Jon Eldon as the new board member, and strengthens the board’s industry expertise

Eldon has experience in strategic management as well as operational management of hotels and restaurants and is currently responsible for the operation of Compass Group’s 200 restaurants. He has an education in hotel management and tourism and has led improvement projects in the same industry. Since 2017, Eldon has also been a board member of Oslofjord Operations AS.

After the chairman of the board, Tore E. Aslaksen, has at his own request chosen to resign from the board position in the Oslofjord Convention Center, board member Carl Gunther Hahne joins as the new chairman of the board. The board thanks Aslaksen for his efforts over several years.

The board of the Oslofjord Convention Center consists of 15 December 2020 of:

  • Carl Gunther Hahne – Chairman of the board
  • Siv Lunde Kolrud – Board member
  • Anne Elisabeth Wallin Rødven – Board member
  • Jon Eldon – Board member