Norway’s largest hotel is finished!

Today, after five years of construction, we have officially received the last hotel buildings, the outdoor facility and the last part of the underground parking basement from our client, Oslofjord Property. This is an important milestone towards the final completion of our fantastic destination. With this handover, we now have a complete hotel offer with 1600 finished suites!

With every milestone and every handover, we get closer to the goal, a full-fledged convention village for the great experiences when many people are gathered. The extension to the conference center and the new outdoor space now remains. The outside will be completed within july of 2021. The indoor space with a large production kitchen and the flexible meeting center will be ready for use during the first half of 2022. The new outdoor space will be the natural gathering point when weather and season allow. An ideal area for everything from outdoor concerts to food service and mingling.

After what has been a demanding year, it is very gratifying to have such a milestone on an otherwise gray Tuesday! – CEO Stian Fuglset at todays handover 

You can read more about the ongoing development here!