The event planning has already begun

Julekonsert i vårt hybrid studio

There are many out there who have been in the home office since February – there are also many who have to settle for staying in the home office a while longer. This can present additional challenges in several parts of the organization as this has proven to be a more long-term solution than first thought. But how do the employees at home really feel?

It is important to have good control over the organization of work, but it is also important to think about the social aspects of the work environment. Fortunately, there is a lot that can be done from the home office, at the same time it may be time to start planning for what comes next.

Many looked at 2021 with great positivity, but got a real downturn as it turned out that with the new year followed more lockdown, extended home office and even more social distance. Then it is more important than ever to have something positive to look forward to. When the Christmas parties were canceled, the kick-off was postponed and other in-house events had to give way, many were disappointed. Now might be the time to start planning a “post corona event”? Even if your’re not comfortable setting a date yet, you can still plan other aspects of your event. Involve your employees and keep them updated on the development – this will give them something positive to look forward to

Our conncetion to the workplace and our colleagues is probably what suffers the most from this pandemic. The employee’s need to be seen, the need to be taken care of, but also the important social environment in a workplace.

Many companies succeed well in creating digital meeting places for their employees, but it is not to be underestimated that the vast majority of us prefer the physical meetings. Therefore, there are also many who are now starting to plan the events they missed last year.


«We clearly see a growing positivity among our customers in these days. The planning horizon may be a bit longer than usual, but many have already booked dates to secure their events. It is clear that people are aware that the competition for the best venues can suddenly become fierce.» – Ole Georg Nilsen, Sales Director

The need for meeting places has never been greater than it is today. The need to look each other in the eye, share experiences and be part of a fellowship. We must all work future oriented, now and after the corona, to build a strong corporate culture that creates motivated and loyal employees. Motivated employees are also very cost-saving and an investment for the future that generates loyalty.

Mennesker, fest, festival

When you start planning for the future, it may be useful to look back on 2020 – what events did you have to cancel? Many companies have a dedicated “event account” that was left untouched last year, maybe your next event will be a little more “extra” than usual? A celebration of freedom and the opportunity to create common goals and visions for the new everyday life.

Because many are now starting to plan for a reopening of society, we have put together a small template you can use when planning your next event. We look forward to hosting exciting new events again, both large and small! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your next event.

Stay strong and take care of each other!

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