We are getting ready for the Oslofjord Grand Opening!

Oslofjord Grand Opening, the opening of the cycling season in Norway, will be held at Oslofjord Convention Center this year from April 1st – April 3rd! Sandefjord Sykkelklub, the organizers of the Oslofjord Grand Opening, organize 30 cycling races per year.

Race manager Rune Steinsvik is thinking big for the coming arrangement.

IMG_2283 - redigert av arrangør
Rune Steinsvik

“It will be both exciting and demanding, but we have a ton of possibilities. We want to think big, and we will facilitate further investment. We wish to encompass both larger and wider. Besides, we have huge facilities here, as well as breathtaking ocean-side scenery and opportunities for mountain biking.”

This isn’t just an event for participants, but also for spectators! “We are creating a folk festival for everyone who has a shared passion for cycling! There are huge facilities here that can accommodate everyone on site. Here everyone can gather and stay in plenary, build networks and relationships. There will be competitions, and participants will be motivated to give their very best! Here we also have enormous opportunities to recruit new bike enthusiasts! Everyone can sign up – children, youth, elite and masters! We focus primarily on cyclists in Norway, but we want to think internationally in the future.” He continues.

We are creating a folk festival for everyone who has a shared passion for cycling!

Oslofjord Grand Opening
From left to right: Bror-Lennart Mentzoni (Sandefjord Sykleklubb chairman), Erik Sneisen (technical manager), Jørgen Sneisen, Ole Anholt (logistics manager), Tom Larsen (SSK director), Rune Steinsvik (race manager), Kristian Arvesen, Ole George Nilsen (Oslofjord Convention Center sales and marketing manager), and Erlend Larsen (mayor of Stokke).

The cycling race begins and ends here at Oslofjord, and it will be an awesome experience for the spectators! In additions, both racetracks will go through the conference center, making the race extra special. Sandefjord Sykkelklubb are the first to organize a cycling race on country roads in Norway, and the roads the cycling race are being held on are in very safe surroundings, with little traffic.

The Mayor Erlend Larsen believes this will be very valuable for the Stokke municipality. “This will have a major impact on the Stokke municipality. It will put Stokke on the map – a cycling fest for everyone who wants to participate!”

Read more about the Oslofjord Grand Opening here.

We are looking forward to the event, and we wish all the participants and spectators a warm welcome!

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