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Everything from the beach to sports arena and accommodation in the same area provide unique opportunities for memorable sporting moments.

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Jump rope, football, gymnastics, ice hockey, handball, volleyball, cheerleading or equestrian sports, we have just the right venue for your sport. Whether it’s league matches, training camps, qualifiers, or major championships – at Oslofjord you can be together and practice your sport, but at the same time build relations and friendships across teams and clubs.

We are excited to welcome all sport communities to Oslofjord so they can experience the power of the community when everyone lives, eats, trains and competes together in one and the same place. We take the our role as host seriously and we will support you throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation.

10 years of cheerleading at Oslofjord:

“Everyone is together from the time we arrive until we finish, and have completed a NM weekend. This is our NM city and it is fantastic!”

Richard Vogt

Richard Vogt
President NAIF

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Oversiktsbilde av Oslofjord Convention Center
En landsby skapt for å bygge fellesskap
Treningssamling på rulleski
NM i Cheerleading
NM i Cheerleading
Basketball på forplassen
Ishockey i ishallen, Oslofjord Arena
Volleyball i Oslofjord Arena
Hotelleilighetene i landsbyen
Hotelleilighet - Stue
Hotelleilighet - Soverom
Teambuilding på strandområdet
Aktiviteter på strandområdet

What do you get when you choose Oslofjord for your event?

Everything in one place

By offering everything in one place; sports arena, meals, accommodation and much more, we eliminate all transport during the event. Enter the gate, fill the village with your athletes and create quality time together free of stress and unnecessary logistics – The perfect starting point for building friendships and cultivating common interests.

Dedicated project team

We make sure that you get a skilled project manager who will be your point of contact at Oslofjord, and a team behind that will ensure your success. The project manager handles all internal processes and ensures the best framework for your event. Solid professional knowledge, extensive experience and networks make the project manager your “one point of contact”.

Anretning av mat

In-house F&B department

At Oslofjord, we have our own Food and Beverages department ready to deliver exquisite food and drink experiences to our guests. We focus on short-traveled ingredients, local traditions, and quality in all our deliveries. Choose from everything between high end banquet menus to an informal burger, we have the flexibility you need.

NM Cheerleding

Rig and technique

We have our own rigging department that can handle most things and has extensive experience with events of all sizes and categories. We also have AV technology in all five of our hubs, which means that we can deliver everything from sound, light and image to all types of productions.

Curious about what’s possible?

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Our most popular venues for sports events

Oslofjord Arena

Our brand new multipurpose hall, with a separate ice rink next door, was built for a wide range of sports and events. The space can easily be converted to host banquets, shows, fairs, as well as large and small concerts. Retractable parting walls ensure the necessary intimacy when needed and enable parallel events and activities. A solid roof construction can withstand most of the rigging you may require.

Convention Center South

Convention Center South offers spaces and facilities for any event. Here we have hosted everything from equestrian events, national championships in cheerleading and boxing matches, to gala dinners, concerts, and professional conferences. Large areas, and a high degree of flexibility, give you the opportunity to create something completely unique for your event. In addition to our plenary hall, the center contains, restaurants and outlets, a lounge, reception, VIP areas and a world-class technical rig.

The outdoor areas

We offer our very own festival square, coastline and beach, large grass areas and artificial grass pitches – all in close proximity to centers, dining and accommodation. Take advantage of the opportunities the areas give you, from social gatherings and recreation to dining, activities and concerts. Here you can arrange everything from volleyball tournaments, yoga sessions and water activities to concerts and festivals, beach parties and award ceremonies under the open sky, or in a circus tent!

A Convention Village with everything in one place, whether you are 50 or 9000+

2500 rooms/apartments and five large arenas, indoors and outdoors
Avoid transportation during the event. Here you can maximize your time together rather than commuting back and forth
Fjords and nature as our closest neighbours

Middag i Skybar på Oslofjord Convention Center

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See the possibilities and available areas

Get to know all the possibilities better. We have extensive experience with everything from team building, entertainment, sports activities and whatever you want your next event to contain. Let’s create memorable experiences!

Get to know our village

Why do you need a Convention Village for your event?

There are pros and cons to both a central location, and a more secluded venue, but not everyone is aware of some of the major benefits of a one-stop-shop venue. Secluded location, without walking distance to other attractions, is actually an important criterion for a convention village

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